Woman hand-knits her own bridal dress for 9 months, watch video

Woman hand-knits her own bridal dress for 9 months, watch video

We have heard numerous stories on how far a girl or man can go to make their wedding day memorable lifelong. People spend millions to look good on the big day.

But, have you ever heard of a bride hand-knitting her own bridal dress. Yes, you read it right. A fashion designer identified as Esther Andrews decided to hand-knit her bridal dress. What’s more, Ms Andrews did the knitting beautiful while commuting to work every day on the New York City Subway.

It took a whopping nine months for Andrews to finally knit her bridal dress and the final outcome will blow away your mind.

Sharing a video on her Instagram handle, Ms Andrews explained the entire process and the time that went to knit the wedding dress. As per Andrews, it took her nine months. Lucky for her, she completed the dress just a day before her wedding.


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“I hand knit my wedding dress on the NYC subway for 9 months and this was the journey,” she wrote in the video.

“The inspiration was a space pirate meets a tomato patch — because it was just silly and fun,” she explains. Ms Andrews added that she used over 4 miles (around 21,000 foot) of mohair lace yarn that went into making layers of ruffles, long sleeves and other parts of the dress, which had a V neckline.

“When it came time to sew together I was scared because I could only trust that it would fit — no time to go back,” she wrote further. “Thankfully it was ok so I could add the little tomatoes!”

Not just that, Ms Andrews also designed the dress for her to-be husband, who is also her best friend. After being shared online, the post garnered thousands of views and comments. Social media users not just loved the dress but also lauded the effort Ms Andrews put into it.

Instagram user Wallaby Knits wrote, “Ahhhh I can’t believe you hand knit that and fairly quickly!!! It’s so gorgeous”.

Another user, Cristina, said the dress was “absolutely gorgeous”, adding “Amazing how many hours you put into these. The love that goes into each piece. Amazing gifts you have!! Bless you!”

“I will always cherish this dress and the time that went into making it,” Ms Andrews said.

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