Wild boar travels in subway train in Hong Kong

Wild boar travels in subway train in Hong Kong

In a bizarre video, a wild boar hopped onto a subway train in Hong Kong and travelled along with other commuters. Passengers in the train were amused and surprised. A few-second video of the young wild boar hopping onto the subway train is now going viral on social media.

Staff of the subway had a tough time trying to nab the wild boar. However, it escaped from one train and boarded another train, reports said. However, no harm was caused to anyone.

Watch video here:

Sources said, the boar managed to slip under the ticket barriers of Quarry Bay station on Hong Kong Island and boarded a passing train. After staff of the train tried to catch it, the pig alighted a few stops later and then boarded a second train that headed under Victoria Harbour.

However, officials then diverted the train to a depot where officers from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department were able to safely capture the animal and release him back into the wild.

Hong Kong is known for its densely packed skyscrapers. But, the city also boasts large tracts of subtropical mountains and parkland that host a thriving number of Eurasian wild pigs.


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