The new Oceanic+ app to give new dynamics to Apple Watch Ultra

The new Oceanic+ app to give new dynamics to Apple Watch Ultra

Apple’s recent wearable, the Apple watch ultra was announced back in September this year. One of the very attention-grabbing features that was promised by the company was its ability to be used as a diving computer. This promise made by apple is soon likely to be fulfilled with the launch of the new Oceanic+ app for the Apple ultra watch.

The app has been designed by Huish Outdoors in collaboration with Apple. Oceanic+ has been made available and accessible for its users from November 29 onwards. Recreational divers can now take a dive while wearing the watch and go as deep as 130 ft. into the waters.

With the new Oceanic+ app, divers will be notified with a lot of relevant information while they are inside the water. The app will notify the divers with a warning if they descend or ascend in the water too quickly and it shall also show an estimated time it’d take to get back up to the surface.  There is a feature that takes the tide, temperature, visibility, and currents into account before the wearer goes for a dive. Apart from all of these, the app shall use its depth gauge and water temperature sensors to collect additional data.

While the basic app version comes free of cost, full access to all its features, including decompression tracking and tissue loading are to come with the paid version. As far as Indian customers of the watch are considered, the decompression tracking, tissue loading, and other special features can be purchased for Rs.969 per month or at an annual plan of Rs.7,700. Family sharing is also available at Rs.11,900 annually. This plan allows accessibility for up tp 5 users at once.


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